Tuesday, August 25, 2009


yeah.this is the month dat i've been waiting for..
trust me..i'm serious..(haha..)

for all muslim please pay attention!!
make sure all of u can respect this month,,this is our month actually..
we will get a lot of miracle if we are doing something sincerely..

ok,continue bout my life...hmmm....recently i'm DYING..
u know wat,someone dat i love doing someting dat make me feel terribble..
uurrggh!!sucks.. ALLAH,please help me..
i cant sleep bcoz thinking bout dis matter..why???
why he keeps making me like this...what's my fault??

skip to my friends..hmmm
can we be like before??i still accept u as my friends..
let we forgive each other....please...

i'm going back to my dad's village..it has been a long time since i go back there
miss my granny and my uncle also.....

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