Friday, October 9, 2009


i dont have any idea on what to write actually..
wait aaaa...i think first..hmm..
i want to share this word " TIME WILL HEAL A BROKEN HEART"
It means a lot to me..i hope that one day my broken heart will be healed completely..hmm...

harini macam kureng lak...nape ha??aku pon tak tahu laa..tapi takper,da name pun student mesti ar kene belajar gak..haha...exam is coming!! i'm getting nervous..banyak bende lagi tak revise maa..adoyai...but i'll try my my love yg aku da malas nk love2 lagi, tgok la nanti..aku akan buktikan yang aku better daripada die..hehehehehehe

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