Friday, December 10, 2010


dup dap dup dap..

i love myself.
i love my family.
i love my school.
i love my friends.

why all of sudden i write something like this? HUHU
(macam-macam yang aku pikir doe)

SPM almost finish. 1 subject left which is LK.
how was SPM? donno how to describe.. i had done my best, so just wait for the result okieee!!

1. BM- i wrote as fast as i can. My finger almost cramp. HAHA
2. BI - turn left, turn right searching for any ideas.
3. HISTORY - close my eyes, push my cerebellum to remember the facts, nahhh!! wrote it on the paper
4. MATHS- right hand holding pen while left hand holding calculator almost all the seconds.
5. AGAMA - put up my hand so that the invigilator gave me the 'helaian tambahan' HAHA
6. ADDMATHS - breathless!! shivering while the invigilator said 'masa menjawab telah tamat' HUHU
7. PHYSICS - smiling after paper 1, caught on headache after paper 2 and ate panadol after paper 3. HEHE
8. CHEMISTRY- my favourite subject! do the best for those 3 papers.
9. BIOLOGY- killer subject! paper 1 and 2 quite ok but somehow paper 3 was driving me crazy.

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