Sunday, February 20, 2011


OKEYH.. It must have any kind of reasons if I put any pic here right?? hehe. Seems like I'm gonna be a tailor (not taylor swift okeyhh). The truth is, I learn how to sew. Yeah, some of them said "uuhh, I love cooking but when it comes into sewing, I don't feel it suits me". Btw, sukehati korang laaa.. hehe

At least I have something to do to fill up my time. Plus, I'm a girl so why not? Sewing is quite interesting, no doubt. Maybe I have to stop for a while from MAY until JULY. Reason???? National Service is waiting for me. Sigh.

*cikgu ros has said that she can teach me how to make this before I'm stepping for NS*

*I can't wait to sew a cloth like this with my bare hand*


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