Monday, April 23, 2012


First, me myself don't know what is MEdSI before. After all of us, I mean my other TESLians friends need to confirm where to sit for this exam, I know that I need to find information about this medsi thingy or else..........

AAA : weyh, medsi tu ape? kau ambil kat mana ek?
AKU : errrrrr.. medsi? ape ek? aku ambil kat mane? kat mane ek?
AAA : (Eh, budak ni aku tanye die, die boleh tanye aku balik. nak kene ke ape? $^%&(@)(@(@!!)

So, I started to find some info. Asking my mom, here and there until finally I got the answer. Rupenye kalau sesiapa yang nak sambung Degree dalam bidang pendidikan need to sit for this test.
So aku pon termasuk la salah sorang tu. TAKUTTTTT!!

MEdSI stands for Malaysian Educators Selection Inventory (MEdSI)

(this is the print-screen to check whether we are being selected for the test or not)

(sample questions from the MEdSI book)

(salah satu buku yang ade. Bagus buku ni tapi aku tak beli. Pinjam Izzati Rahmat je. hehe)

okay, since aku dah check and Alhamdulillah aku dapat, I need to make a preparation. Maybe just trying to answer the samole questions which is 300 questions within 1 hour (Whattttttt!!!)
takpa, aku akan cube yang terbaik, korang semua doakan aku berjaya okay :)

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  1. sapa2 yang akan pergi MEDSI gak, goodluck k :)


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