Sunday, November 22, 2009



this post actually dedicate to my mimi & mimo...they're my pets...i took care of them since ther were small...act,they died about week ago..i really3 sad....same thing goes on my younger sis..she cried.cried n cried the whole day when she knew mimi n mimo was dead.

about mimo,he is mimi's dad..he's really cute cat...he came here about a year ago..i like to hug him especially when he wanted to,mimo had dead...luckily there are still 4 kitten at my home..hmm....mimi & mimo..kakak sayang kamu....


i didnt why....3 days before mimi died,she just sit quietly and didnt want to eat anything...suddenly a lot of bubbles came out from her mouth..i guessed maybe she got food poisonous..hmm....after this i'll make sure all my pets will get fully attention from me...dont want this sad scene happen again...

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