Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Ok. Talking about driving, i think every single person on this earth especially the "teenagers" are interested in driving. Maybe just 0.01 percent that consider driving (esp car) as something that is difficult to be done. Can you imagine you stand under a tree and counting for the cars that passed by you for one hour? They can reach up to THOUSANDS, i am pretty sure.

Actually I had gone through my driving lesson for these past few days. That's why all of sudden I started to talk about driving. HAHA. I
never never ever touch a car (I mean driving it) because my parents never never ever allow me. HAHA.

When the instructor ask me to drive it, I was like, WHAT THE H***?? I didn't even know how to move the seat. HAHA. (teruk seyh aku). Only then he teach me how so I was glad. :-) At first, my heart was
pounding hardly like I had finished 10 laps of running around the field (or maybe more than that). HAHA. In the end, I was fine. Nothing bad happen to me. No accident. No fear. No sweat. HEHE.

I love to do it again and again and
I am ready to drive. HAHAHHAHAHA :-p

This is my future car. HAHA


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