Saturday, January 15, 2011


Let's get started. Now we're in 2011. So, say goodbye to 2010. But it doesn't mean that we have to throw away all the memories, pain, happiness and those precious time we had before. Just try to make our life better in 2011. HAHA. I sound like something. :-p

NO SCHOOL start from now on! That is the fact. Starting from kindergarten for 2 years, then move on to primary school for 6 more years and continue to secondary school for another 5 years. Wheeeuuuww! 2+6+5 =
13 years. Yeahh, 13 years being in school life. How can i forget about those years. Full with memories, memories and memories that will never fade out from my mind.

Before this i used to get up
early, rushing to the bathroom to have a shower so that i will not late to school. Now, my bathroom is prevented from those cold water that can make it shout because i'm no longer use it too early for shower . HEHE

alone at home is BORED. Ibu, ayah and adik left me alone while all of them busy at school.
All i can do is watching television, listening to the radio, reading novels and sometime switching on the karaoke set to sing any songs i feel i want to. HAHA.

Preparing the lunch is a must for me. Ibu said that i have to
learn to cook. So i just agree. Why not? I'm a girl right. HEHE. Cooking is pretty cool. I loike!!



  1. u were having the same situation as me.but i not cook as u do.haha..

  2. hahaha.. why not u try to cook. quite fun u know. HAHA


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