Sunday, April 17, 2011


The 'mood' to write something here finally came. hehe. Spm results had been announced on the last 24th Mac. Almost one month waiting for the mood! OMG.. haha. (malas sikit sebenarnye)

Wanna know my full results? I think no need la.. (malu sudahhh). hehe.
Let me share my activities during the day of announcement...

1. woke up around 6 o'clock.... pray and etc
2. termenung jauh jap. hehe
3. get ready to go to sewing class. ( sempat lagi kan..)
4. finished up sewing my pyjamas while texting with my friends like "bile ko nak datang. pukul berape??" and " kalau da smpai bagitau aku, kite g same2".. HAHA
5. around 10.30 am I went to my school. SHIVERING.
6. we make a row to pick up any of our certificates....
7. TIME TO TAKE THE RESULT!! some of us laughing, smiling and there was some of them who crying...
8. ALHAMDULILLAH... i was satisfied with my result... it was especially for my mom and dad. thanx a lot.. :)

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