Saturday, May 14, 2011


One goal. One spirit. One determination.

This is the place where i should go but I'm sorry because I have to make a posponement.

The first offer I got. I went to this place when I was in form 5. Not for paying a visit to anyone. Just went there because there was a briefing about MATRIKULASI.

The KMJ looks a bit different in the picture.

Actually I just want to try my luck here. I went for the interview and it was quite difficult.

It was a shocked when I knew that I got an offer to further my study here. I had never dream about it because I was only came from SMK TUN SARDON, a daily school in rural areas. There were many other students, from SBP, MRSM and others that were better than me.

Here is the latest one. Not so far from my home and in the same time not so close.

Wherever it is, it will cause a lot of time to get any knowledges. The way to get it is depending to us. Don't ever forget where we come from and try to grab any chances that passed by us.


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