Friday, October 7, 2011


Seem like I have left this "blogging carrier" for a long long long long time..huhu. SIGH.

A very big apologize to you, my dear blog :( and also to anyone who are visiting my blog for a couple of times to read my new entry (adakah??? hehe) but then there are no new posts. I'M SO SORRY and I mean it. I really mean it..

In my previous entry I wrote about the places that I would go to further my study and Alhamdulillah I've made a choice..

So, I am now a student in UiTM, taking foundation in TESL with the other 120++ students. I'm happy with what I have chosen because that is my interest since a few years ago. I've made up my mind and thanks to GOD because HE really give me the passion to stay with this course ;)

Well, college life is not as easy as we think but it is also not too bad as we always hear about any RUMORS regarding it.. or university life.. or matriculation life... *I prefer to write COLLEGE LIFE*

I'll tell a few story regarding my experience becoming a first year college student (selalu kene buli dengan senior. SEDEYHH!!) in my next post yawww!! :)


  1. still have buli2 in uitm..oh no.. first year student gak..
    but in uiam..hehe

  2. haha... die bukan buli ape sgt..
    they like to tease us..:)


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